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Spare Parts for
Heavy equipment, Off-road Machinery and commercial Vehicles

Sell ​​your reserves, spare parts for old and rare heavy equipment parts or parts ordered by mistake, which lie on your shelves for ages - take up space and don’t make any profit. Add your goods to our website, and wholesale or retail customers of all the regions of Russia will buy them.

Dear suppliers and manufacturers of spare parts for heavy equipment and off-road machinery!
The online store NZSNAB invites you to cooperate.

Our company has been working since 2004 and has a leading position in the Russian market of spare parts for heavy equipment and off-road machinery of European, Asian and Japanese manufacturers and now we are interested in expending the number of our partners.

We offer a wide-ranging on-line catalog of spare parts to our customers, a fully computerized system of receiving and processing the orders.

The possibilities of our logistics service allow us to make a quick delivery of the ordered goods to the client anywhere in Russia (by air, by car and by rail). More than 70% of our customers are wholesale buyers: they are insurance companies and auto repair shops in the regions.

We consider cooperation with suppliers and manufacturers as one of the main directions of our company's development. We realize the suppliers’ interest in the long-term cooperation and we are ready to provide all the necessary conditions for this:

  • The unique statistical and analytical information on the Russian spare parts market (5 years of work and own analytical service).
  • The ability of the quickly regulation in regards to the price and assortment policy.
  • Wide advertising and marketing opportunities of our online store and the order pick-up stores.

We are interested in all the proposals for the cooperation, but according to the specific work of the company, we prefer to deal with the supplier companies that are able to offer:

  • A wide range of original and non-original spare parts for heavy equipment and off-road machinery.
  • Regularly informing about the assortment and stock balances.
  • Minimum delivery time.
  • Flexible pricing policy.

How to become our supplier:

In order to become our supplier, you have to:

1. Send us your price-list by e-mail  (we consider the proposals from corporate e-mail only).

2. Provide us information about your company (see the requirements below).

Requirements for suppliers:

1. A big assortment of goods:

  • Original spare parts - at least 2000 items.
  • Non-original spare parts - not less than 3000 items (with a technical description).
  • For the representative offices of manufacturing companies - not less than 4000 articles.

2. Certificates for the offered products that and guarantee for a period of 6 months at least.
3. Flexible discount system.
4. The possibility to return the goods.
5. Regular updating of the information on the assortment and actual balances in the warehouses.

Organization of our work:

1. To control the supplier’s work in regards to the execution of orders on time.
2. 24/7 acceptance of the goods without breaks and days off.
3. Counterfeit check during the acceptance of the spare parts.
4. Non-cash transaction for the goods.

Our managers will answer any questions. Please, save the history of the correspondence to the easier restoration of the chronology of the communication.

Required documents:

Before signing the contract, the new supplier provides copies of the following documents, certified by the company's original seal and the signature of the company executive:

1. Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, issued by the tax authority no later than 30 days from the date of signing the contract.
2. The charter.
3. Certificate of state registration of a legal entity (OGRN).
4. Certificate of registration of the organization with the tax authority (TIN).
5. Documents confirming the authority of the company executive (the person who signed the contract).
6. A copy of the accounting statements - the first sheet with a note of the tax authority.
7. Copy of the VAT declaration - the first sheet of the tax declaration for the value-added tax for the last reporting period, with a note of the tax authority on the acceptance of the declaration.
8. Copy of the warehouse and office lease contract for (or the certificate of ownership of the premises).
9. Copy of the Power of Attorney for the employees with the authority to sign primary shipping documents and invoices for the company executive and chief accountant.
10. A copy of P-4 reporting (information on the average number of employees for the previous year), or 4-FSS, or RSB-1 of the FIU.
11. Copy of the passport of the Russian Federation of the company executive (or an attorney-in-fact).

For any questions regarding cooperation, contact the department of the collaboration with the suppliers by e-mail

Presentation for suppliers

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