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Spare Parts for
Heavy equipment, Off-road Machinery and commercial Vehicles


There are several options:

  • Payment in cash at the company office with receipt from the cash register.

  • Payment with credit or debit bank cards on our website through the online payment systems. The transfer of information is carried out through closed banking networks of the highest protection degree.

  • Cashless payment for legal entities. After placing an order, the payment invoice will be automatically generated. All necessary documents (original payment invoice, invoice, and waybill) are issued together with the goods upon receipt.

  •  Payment through a payment draft in any bank of Russia.


Client incurs all expenses associated with the transfer of money to our account and they are not compensated in case of refund. The order gets a status of unpaid order in case if it is not paid or you have exceeded the limit, and it will not be processed until your payment. If the order is not paid within 3 (three) business days, it will be canceled.